Although always interested in pursuing a life of art, it wasn’t until I had a career change from nursing to fine art in 1990 that I decided the time was right, believing the motto “better late than never.” I have never looked back. I received my first three years training from the “ Fine Arts Program” at Fraser Valley University followed by two years at Comox College with various workshops following over the years. I believe one should never stop learning. Not knowing what I would love the most, I tried most arts, oils, water, acrylic, pottery (decided I would never master that wheel) and lately paverpol sculpturing.

My journey as an artist has been one of experimenting with a wide assortment of mediums.  I’ve been intrigued with the black and white photos of the 1920’s. The appeal for me is in the communication of the simplicity of life of that era. Women, their lives, and their relationships with their environment have been a special exploration in my art. The use of mixed mediums gives me the freedom to explore and go where the piece draws me. Whether it is the use of encaustic techniques or collaged articles. I allow the mediums to bring the final piece to life, and never know the final results until I arrive there. With each piece, my goal is to have others pause for a moment in their life, to enjoy a moment from the past life of another.

Having been introduced to a Denmark product called Paverpol; a non-toxic,weathers outside all year round product where one can design any size which makes wonderful garden sculptures. I’m finding people find my small sculptures charming for the home and commission the pieces for wedding gifts, new babies or special occasions to remember.

My subjects  are all over “the map” as I get bored painting only  flowers or only landscape and galleries like consistency. I do not to paint for the market but for my own enjoyment. Over the years my work has made it onto other peoples walls and it does give me a sense of satisfaction although, family and friends seem to always get a good family discount, it brings me pleasure.

Lately,my work has moved to Cold Wax and Oil paint on board.The work is very textured,free flowing(no brushes) lots of surprises as you never know where the mixing of colors on board will lead you ,hopefully into a good abstract.

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